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At the moment, we only concentrate on Unit Trust Funds (Mutual Funds) that comply with Shariah Principles. Our selection of 22 funds varies from 5 asset classes, namely:

  1. Equity Funds (13)
  2. Balanced Funds (2)
  3. Bond Funds (5)
  4. Fixed Income Funds (1)
  5. Money Market Funds (1)
About Shariah Based Unit Trust Funds

A Shariah-based unit trust fund is a collective investment fund that offers investors the opportunity to invest in a diversified portfolio of Shariah-compliant shares and fixed-income securities as well as other Shariah-compliant money market instruments. A typical structure of a Shariah-based unit trust fund consists of:
  1. A manager - handles the investment and operations of the fund;
  2. A trustee - protects the rights and interests of the unit holders; and
  3. Unit holders – investors who are entitled to a proportionate interest of the assets of the fund. The obligations of these three parties are spelt out in the deed of the fund.
The Shariah-compliant instruments particularly the Shariah-compliant securities (shares) are the main source of investment for the Shariah-based unit trust fund.The investment objectives of Shariah-based unit trust funds vary according to the type of fund. It determines the riskiness of a fund and the kind of investor the fund is targeting. The types of the fund are as follows:

Capital growth funds (equity)
  1. Invests in Shariah-compliant shares, with a view to maximise capital growth over the long-term (i.e. through a higher unit price)
  2. Suitable for investors with high-risk appetite and are keen on capital accumulation

Aggressive growth funds (equity)
  1. Similar to capital growth funds but with investments in aggressive, fast track Shariah-compliant shares that promise high returns, but  with higher risk
  2. Suitable for investors with high-risk appetite
Balanced funds
  1. Three main objectives: income; moderate capital appreciation; and capital preservation
  2. Invests across a broad range of asset categories including Shariah-compliant shares, Islamic fixed income securities and cash
  3. Well-diversified and suitable for investors seeking reasonably safe investments where the risks are lower and which
  4.  produce average returns
Bond funds
  1. o    Invests in Islamic fixed income securities such as Islamic bonds and short-term money-market instruments
  2. o    Suitable for investors seeking greater security in the form of capital preservation and income with minimal risk
Income funds
  1. Invests in Islamic fixed income securities and huge dividend-yielding Shariah-compliant shares, with a view to pay out most of the returns
  2. Suitable for investors with low-risk appetite, seeking income with some level of growth


We give advice and manage your investment portfolio.

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